Launched: 1998
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
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Art is always about taste and creativity. It is aesthetic which gives it a character of timelessness. 1998 is marked as the revolutionary year for video games, where creativity shifted to another level. New technology was evolved and most of the games created in this year left a legacy that exists to date. Subcultures that are still relevant in the video game industry were developed. StarCraft is one of such games. It is a seminal real-time video game created by Blizzard Entertainment that is responsible for reinventing the RTS genus. This set a bearing in global e-sports, and made a franchise which is the center of the current competitive-gaming field.

Blizzard Entertainment is a company that made unique and high quality video games with great cinematic story. Their games included, the first WarCraft launched in 1994.It involved Orcs and humans, Warcraft 11 which was released in 1995 and Diablo which was an action role-play game released on the last day of the year 1996. When one is playing these games he or she is subjected to amazing experiences which are fun and a price can’t be tagged on them.

Star Craft 2
Star Craft 2

StarCraft was a major advancement in Blizzard Company as it was the key to leaving the fantasy world to a more real future. The setting changed to a science fiction one where human characters engaged with imaginative alien races in an isometric more advanced technology warfare. This drastically changed the look and feel of video games in the gaming industry. It had a big impact on the film as the characters, vehicles and players control unit were unique. This is how it ended up being one of the best video game in the world.

First Trial

It was first released in 1996 where the industry and fans viewed it but didn’t get positive feedback. This is because it had retained most of the qualities found in WarCraft 11 such as the bright color, top-down look which brought some confusion. Instead of being seen as a new game most people thought that it is a revision of WarCraft 11 and referred to it as WarCraft in space. This needed some change and unique qualities in order to be viewed as an independent video game.

Rob McNaughton became the chief artist in the development of StarCraft 11 after joining Blizzard in 1996. This was a hectic time as the team had to rethink of a new project which would have a fresh feel. At the time Blizzard was also looking at Shattered Nations that had been cancelled but was for higher quality than WarCraft games. Shattered Nation led to the birth of the new StarCraft. It referred to the classic sci-fi films and the Terran unit or The Goliath was directly derived from Shattered Nations. Its normal for the Blizzard to use concepts from underrated, cancelled or incomplete projects to make a well compiled video game as well as getting much of its inspiration from the pop culture.

The Release of StarCraft 11

When StarCraft 11 was launched in 1998 it was ranked as the highest selling video game for the year and had a very positive reputation. It introduced new units and missions which were used in continuing the original story. After this the company embarked in creating WarCraft 111 where ARTS games were made without using spirits or 2d properties. This means that they incorporated full 3D assets and visuals. StarCraft 11 gradually gained popularity in 2000 in South Korea and the rest of the world followed It played a major role in helping the government in investing in network infrastructure through different tournaments.

StarCraft provided a platform in which skilled video players would develop their skills and show them off in competitions. The Production Director Tim Morten says that the asymmetric race model is a major property in StarCraft and the races are distinct which makes them feel unique. Rob explains that initially with StarCraft everything was made in 3D and then disposed as sprites. More advanced technology was created to support a large number of the 3D units on the screen enabling artist and designers to upgrade all pieces of scenery. StarCraft 11 was split in to three parts which was the best option for the expansion of the Terran campaign.

Two decades after it was launched StarCraft is still the finest video game. Its players flood on the video games platform. It is the backbone of Blizzard companies as it inspired it to come up with more ambitious projects.

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