Welcome to Oberon Space, a website dedicated to gaming reviews focused specifically on space-related games and indie games like Faster Than Light (FTL) to MMO games like Eve Online, Star Trek Online & SWTOR/Star Wars: The Old Republic. We live and breathe space games and do our best to review anything in the video game space genre.

If you’re wondering about the name, it’s named after the Oberon moon (Steve’s a bit of space geek as well as a video game geek!).

Steve Cooper

Steve is a carefree spirit and a gamer geek. He is part Vulcan (from the Star Trek series), part Jedi (from the Star Wars Franchise) and currently immersed in his favorite online games. He has an affinity for all things space-related, especially with his preference to his choice of games that inspired him to create this online platform.

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