You may not have been the first person to land on space, but that should not stop you from exploring what is out there. You also do not have to get into a space ship to know more about the galaxy. With the space games continually evolving, you will have an adventure right in the comfort of your home. Still, with so many options to pick from, here are some of the best space games on PC to keep your thrill for space exploration alive.

Eve Online

Year: 2003

Developer: CCP Games

Link: Official Site

Having been around for so long, it has gained a vast population of active players who love the fact they get to be the masters of everything, economy included. It incorporates exciting stories such as the 309 billion ISK worth Eve ship which a spy rooted within the owner’s organization destroyed. The recent changes in the user interface have made it easy to get into, but for a beginner, you might find it challenging to colonize a piece of the empire, one thing that help me was setting up macros correctly using a keyboard or an mmo mouse like one of these, a mouse with multiple buttons helped me take my Eve game to the next level!

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Year: 2016

Developer: Paradox Interactive

Link: Official Site

If you are feeling like dictating a species, this is the game you need. Still, you have to be on your winning streak if you want to enjoy watching missiles, mutant uprisings and alien text discoveries. This game affords players the chance to create an alien that fits their wildest imaginations. Besides, you get to choose from three methods of exploration with each having its upsides and downsides.

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Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous

Year: 2014

Developer: Frontier Developments

Link: Official Site

Just like the name suggests, Elite Dangerous is set on a scaring scale of the Milky Way. You have to endure the space anomalies, black holes, and little spaceships if you want to make it in the galaxy. You can choose to be a trader, pirate or mercenary participating in the galactic war. You will have to stay on the edge of your seat with all the excitement that Elite Dangerous extends to you; from being able to lose control and crashing, to chatting AI ships that react to your voice command. It can be challenging to master, but once you get the hang of it, the experience is gratifying.

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Faster Than Light

Faster than Light

Year: 2012

Developer: Subset Games

Link: Official Site

Unless you love challenges, this is one game that can tear your morale down since it is hard to master. The setting is such that you lead a crew and man a ship while fleeing from a rebel fleet in various sectors. You have got to be on top of your game to be able to buy weapons, manage the crew, oversee resources successfully, select upgrades and switch load outs. You will face fluid combat, so even though you have a well-armed ship, you should not let down your guard. If you start the game with so much confidence, it might soon drain, so you better maintain your cool as you play this one.

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Sins of a solar empire

Sins of a solar empire

Year: 2008

Developer: Ironclad Games

Link: Official Site

Dating back to 2012, it remains one of the best space games you can enjoy on your PC if you are into real-time strategy for space-based experience. You get to build your empire one planet at a time using whichever tactics you prefer, warfare or diplomacy. The multiplayer feature enables you to have multiple alliances with friends and take the battle to great new heights.

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Homeworld Remastered Collection

Homeworld remastered collection

Year: 1999

Developer: Relic Entertainment

Link: Official Site

The fact that it remains top of the list since its creation in 1999 goes to show that it has captured the hearts of many. With the updates having additional features, it still retains its original spark that drew people’s attention. Unfortunately, do not get overconfident because it is challenging and most of the time you may find yourself on the losing end. To progress in the single-player campaign, you have to collect resources and build a large fleet, which can be quite a task when you are moving between levels.

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Kerbal space program

Kerbal space program

Year: 2011

Developer: Squad

Link: Official Site

When persistence falls among your attributes, this game might put it to the test since it challenges you to build a vessel that can get its payload off the ground and steering it. We all know with gravity continually pulling you down, that can mean multiple attempts at trying to get the payload safely delivered. However, do not beat yourself up too hard because you can still get a few successes such as mining in distant planets or deploying a modular space station. If you can land on the Moon without exploding, then that is a feat worth applauding yourself for as you enjoy the satisfaction that comes with it.

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Mother Earth can be quite dull with the daily routine we have grown so accustomed to, but with these space games, you do not have to endure the monotony anymore. Explore what is out there and test the limits of your imagination.

Written by Steve Cooper

Steve is a carefree spirit and a gamer geek. He is part Vulcan (from the Star Trek series), part Jedi (from the Star Wars Franchise) and currently immersed in his favorite online games. He has an affinity for all things space-related, especially with his preference to his choice of games that inspired him to create this online platform.

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