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At Oberon Space we love to hear from gamers in the niche who would like publish content on our site. We are looking for high quality, well proof read content related to space related video games, the sub-genre does not matter, feel free to write about MMO, RPG, Indie, RTS, simulators or FPS space games.

The rules:

  • Please check we have not already covered your idea on Oberon Space recently
  • Please write the content yourself, but please – write your own content
  • Proof read your content, then proof read it again! And if you can read it aloud
  • If you’ve made a genuine effort we (and by we mean Steve) will take the time to edit your content to bring it up to our editorial standards
  • We don’t accept sponsored or paid posts from manufactures
  • Always cite any date or original sources

Pitch us your article idea below, I’ll do my best to get back to you within a day or two.

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