Year: 2014

Developer: Frontier Developments

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When it comes to the selection of a game, most players always have an idea of the kind of experience they want from the game. Some love games that will provide consistency which is common with beginners, while others prefer the games that will give them different experiences which is quite familiar with pros. Well, Elite Dangerous game offers varying experiences altogether.

What makes this game to be unique is that it has a lot of inconsistency. It is quite difficult to predict what goes on in the middle of the game and how the game will end.

Elite Dangerous is a flight simulation game, and it involves space flight where the player explorers different routes and events on the space. But note that the setup of the game is different from other simulator games.

Elite Dangerous

What makes Elite dangerous seem boring.

There are several stops with the major one being at Jordan space. You can fly and make stops on various ports maybe to pick or drop cargos. The space design is not appealing at all since there are fewer sky features as you would expect in a flight game. The Jordan station is estimated to be about 250,000 light seconds away from the central star in the solar system which is quite further. Also, the flight is not exciting at all since it is quite long and there are no activities to keep you engaged while you move around.

Elite Dangerous

What is the positive side of the game?

This game has excellent trading items found on different ports. At Jordan space, you will discover metals and minerals that you can carry for trading in various stops. There are both the gray and black market trading items that you can also use for trading. The best part is that you can move freely and do your trading without bothering about cops being on your neck all the time. You have the opportunity to trade and fly around without being stopped by any police to scan your cargo.

With all this freedom at hand, you can smuggle a lot of goods and take them to Jordan stop and sell to earn huge profits. This part of the game allows you to enjoy other activities as you enjoy your flight simulator game. A little trading on your way will help you forget about the annoying empty on the Jordan space.

Another fun part is where you get to encounter pirates and even trade with them.

Elite Dangerous

An encounter with the pirates.

You are not guaranteed to have a smooth flight back home from Jordan regardless of its calm nature, and I am sure this is the part most players wait for. Keep in mind that a lot of pirates are found in the trading areas and they do not guarantee that the trading will go smoothly without wanting to repossess back their money or goods. They may not attack you while in the market, but you are not assured that they will not follow you.

So, always be prepared of an attack on space from any time when you leave Jordan. The pirates use individual fighting devices to capture the traders and thus, you have to make sure that you can use all the fighting weapons and gadgets to save yourself.

There is a control button which allows the player to release different fighting weapons to fight and destroy the pirates.


Other features:

Elite Dangerous

The ship

Although the ship may not be all classy, it is quite useful when you want to move around the waters around the ports. It is also quite easy to control the movements of the ship using a joystick on your play station. One thing to note though is that you need to employ a lot of skills when moving around with the boat especially when you get attacked as it is not too reliable when running in war zones. For instance, the ship is not too safe when you get to the points with the turning-duels.

But on the other hand, the ship helps you fight your enemies while still on the move thanks to the equipped weapons. The ship upgraded with excellent weapons, and beam lasers that are capable of sustaining high power blast energy for as long you hold the trigger. The other favorite feature that you will love on the ship is the cannon which is capable of firing kinetic slugs.

Elite Dangerous


Elite Dangerous is a flight simulator game that allows the players to enjoy it according to their preference. You can opt to fly around without indulging in any fights, or you can find ways to test your fighting tactics. There are a lot of activities going on especially with traders, and you can either play the good guy and trade peacefully or become pirate and repossess your trading items from other traders. Besides the flight has ample fighting weapons which allow you to defend yourself from any attacks.

What we like about Elite Dangerous

• The game allows you to explore different areas and activities on the space.
• The player has the power to control the in-game features like the ship and other weapons.
• The game can be comfortably played with other peripherals such as the joystick and throttle.
• The graphics and sounds on the game are impeccable and will keep you entertained throughout.

What we don’t like about the game

• The game is a bit barren of the character.
• There is no much going on in the space which makes it a bit boring.
• It is not consistency as well which makes it less attractive to some game players.

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Written by Steve Cooper

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